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A few new sketches of my Kitsilano

I always carry something to draw or write or make lists. I love to sit on the patio of my favourite coffee shop – a medium latte at my side – or elsewhere nice, sorting my thoughts while doodling.
It’s said that Vanouverites are not very talkative, nor open to strangers. Let me tell you that this is a lie! I have met so many people, talking to me over my sketch book. My drawings seem to be a great conversation starter topic – an even better one than the weather. So if you want to meet new people, consider to start sketching in public!

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Roadside wisdom

I found this sign a few years ago somewhere in the nowheres on a road trip. I am glad I re-discovered it – it’s such a great reminder.

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I am a Featured Artist on the Paperblanks Blog…

…therefore it’s time for blogging about it. Yeah!

You might know Paperblanks’ neat and beautiful journals, as they are being sold all over the world. They are designed by a group of great people here in Vancouver, not far from where I am living.
I had to answer some interview questions about my creative life and was even asked my age. To read what I had to say, to see some holiday sketches from Thailand and to find out how old I am, see Featured Artist Profile.