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Great Halloween Read!

If you are between 8-12 years old and you like it slightly spooky, check out The Graveyard Hounds!
It’s a chapter book with lots of dogs, crows, Annie and her friend Mike and many, many illustrations – perfect for those rainy Fall evenings around Halloween.

The disembodied howls of the Graveyard Hounds threaten to bring disaster to Mike and Annie’s town. It’s October. Storms rage, fires break out, and a mysterious visitor appears. When the dogs in town lose their barks, Mike and Annie set out to solve the mystery. They follow the clues and uncover scary secrets from the past. Can Mike and Annie stop the deadly curse of the Graveyard Hounds?

“As Hallowe’en approaches, violent storms occur over the town
where Mike and Annie live. Lightning strikes their playground
and their dogs lose their bark. Noticing the new school custodian is around whenever something strange happens, they decide to investigate and become caught up in a terrible secret which requires brave actions–are they up to it?
Find out in this spine-tingling story with large print and some pictures.”

—Primary Times


“(Despite) it’s ominous atmosphere,
this is a story most children can enjoy before bed.”

—Canadian Materials


Vi Hughes (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

978-1-896580-27-2 · Hardcover · 2008
978-1-896580-49-4 · Paperback · 2009
Tradewind Books
Ages 8-12
Buy this book at Amazon or Indigo

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Mateus 4

Another post for Mateus. Now his help is needed.

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Mateus 3

A new post for my little friend Mateus, who is getting better and better! Go, Mateus, go!

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Mateus 2

Mateus’ little story goes on (adults: please excuse… no editor has seen this!)

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A little friend of mine got really sick with pneumonia recently.
I am so glad that he is over the hump now, after being a brave fighter for days and weeks in the hospital.

So the next few posts are for Mateus and his family Madalena, Zita and Keith.

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Back to School 2

Today I added a new fun drawing sheet to celebrate the first few weeks of school to the website (Find it here!). I bet you like horses!

I hope to get invited to many great schools this year, so I can meet their awesome students, teachers and librarians!
I am especially excited about my new tailored costumes and can’t wait to dress-up students – and teachers! Do you recognize this feathered friend?

If you’d like to find out more about the presentations I am offering to schools and preschools, to book me for a visit at your school or in case you know someone who might be interested in doing so, please have a look at my info sheet here or send me a message!

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Back to School 1

Poster Design for a school in Berlin.

Poster design for a school in Berlin

Canada is now really back to school. The first few weeks are over and everybody has settled in.
In Germany it’s already time for a break: In Deutschland sind Herbstferien! That means ‘Germany has Fall Holidays now!’
I used to love the 1 or 2 weeks off in Fall. It’s the best time to fly kites, to collect colourful leaves and to make chestnut men. Some of you Canadian kids might want to move to Germany now! But before you are starting to pack your suitcases, be informed that the German Summer holiday is much shorter than the Summer break in North America. Sommerferien are ‘only’ 6 weeks long.
Schöne Herbstferien, Berlin! And to everybody anywhere: Have fun flying kites and walking dogs – even if it is only after school.

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What I see – Day 13

I went for a nice Fall run today. At the trail entrance a sign was greeting me, warning of aggressive coyotes.
So I ran a little faster than I had planned and no coyotes appeared.