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Mateus final

It took a little while – but here is the last panel of Mateus’ big sleep.
Big hug over to France, brave Mateus!

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Drawing for charity

Tomorrow at 6pm I am participating in the charity event “H’Arts for the Homeless”.
I have been preparing some Jack the Bear illustrations I will be working on during the event and which will be auctioned at the end of the gala.

It will be a great, classy evening with many artists at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Check it out on Facebook and come see me there!

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Ritter Motz

This is an illustration I finished this week. It shows two characters from for the funny stories about the knight “Motz”. Ritter Motz and Cornelius (who is a salamander). My friends Annett Stütze und Britta Vorbach are the authors.
They will be reading their stories tomorrow in Bad Homburg in Germany.

(Good luck with the reading, Annett and Britta!)

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Thanks to the kids and teachers at McBride Annex!

I received your thank-you-cards and -letters for the school visit the other day. They fill-up my entire table! I am very excited about all the great and creative drawings and friendly words.
Keep on drawing!


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Mateus 5

Thanks for your help, Mateus!
Your answer to my question in the last post was: “Fighting bad bacteria with his sword & putting them in prison.”
What a great response!
So here is the next post for you.