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Winter Solstice

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Back then

Kids usually ask me since when I have been drawing and if I have always been good at it.

Since I am doing a school visit at the Captain James Cook Elementary School in Vancouver tomorrow, I thought I am going to prepare for this question, in case it comes up. So I asked my dad to search for some childhood drawings, scan and send them.

This is what he found (he received my request kind of in the middle of the night)…
I have no idea when I drew the pictures and I can’t recall creating them. But since I was able to write and my lettering was tilted to the left (which is not what we initially learnt) when I finished the second image, I think I might have been about 8 years old… At that point I was also into ballet – I guess that’s where the foot position has its origin.
I wouldn’t say, I was a great artist back then. But I enjoyed drawing a lot and was encouraged to continue…! Thanks, dad!

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SOS to the World

My little friend Vitus is stranded in the Land of Socks after getting lost in my washing machine.
How he got there, what he’s up to over there (he writes letters) and for plans on how we could get him back, visit his NEW website (which he made me set-up for him…)!
Just click on the image here!