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After a long silence

It’s been a busy few months of no posts on the blog.
Time flew by and a lot happened. Here’s the roundup:

This spring I went to Germany for a few weeks to see family, friends and my dear 29-year-old horse Kalle.
I also spent time in Bologna, Italy where I met-up with friends – fellow illustrator Scot Ritchie and writers Annett Stuetze and Britta Vorbach from Germany – and attended the world’s biggest children’s book fair.
It was a chilly spring in Europe, but I still had a fabulous time.

On my return to Canada, I finished a really fun illustration piece, inspired by the long-distance-relationship with my horse in Germany. The illustration will be in the Uppercase magazine’s third issue of Work Life, which will be coming out in September of this year. I will be one of 100 international illustrators (and their lives) featured in there.
So if you want to know more about my life – get one of these books.

Currently I am designing a book for Silk Web Publishing, a new local publisher. It is a very enjoyable book design project and it was interesting to work with the very young, talented and very eager illustrator Rebecca Wright. It made me aware of all the things I didn’t know I knew. We are in the last stages of proofing at the moment. Our Canadian Love Story, written by Linnie von Sky will be coming out this fall.

I am writing and illustrating a piece for Chirp magazine, too! The topic is grandparents. The text is written already and it is now time to add the visuals (I will show some sketches in the coming weeks. It is going to be FUN!).
My book On My Walk is going to be re-printed and a new series with Tradewind Books is on the horizon.

Finally summer has arrived in Vancouver! It is gorgeous outside. A tough time to get work done, but I will hang in there and take breaks on the balcony!