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On My Swim

Kari-Lynn Winters (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Tradewind Books, June 2018
Ages 2-5
Hardcover, 24 pages
English language
ISBN: 9781926890166
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On My Swim, the fourth in a popular under-5 series, is another delightful collaboration by Winters and Leist. Set on the waterfront in and around Vancouver, this book features a very young child learning to swim and playing on the beach. Toddlers will take delight in this whimsically illustrated rhyming story.


Finding books for babies and toddlers can be challenging – when On My Walk came out it was a welcome storytime addition. Now, author Kari-Lynn Winters and illustrator Christina Leist are continuing the series with On My Swim, On My Bike and On My Skis and we could not be more pleased! These books feature a nice mix of urban and wild environments all seen from a little one’s perspective plus a healthy dose of playful language.



A family of four has an eventful day of exploratory fun at the beach.
… A quick, cute read, best for fidgety little readers.

Kirkus Review


… On My Swim, along with the other(s) (… books) in this series, can be used by parents and caregivers to introduce new activities or reinforce the value of those in which they already participate. Equally important, the book can encourage children to love books and to love reading. Highly Recommended.

University of Manitoba, CM Magazine



Magische Mädchengeschichten für Erstleser. Von Einhörnern, Drachen und Zauberponys: Der Bücherbär. Sammelband

Karin M. Anders (Autor), Ulrike Kaup (Autor), Frauke Nahrgang (Autor)
Christina Leist (Illustrator), Petra Probst (Illustrator), Stefanie Dahle (Illustrator)

Arena Verlag, June 2018
Gebundene Ausgabe
ISBN: 978-3-401-71191-1
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Auch Prinzessin Piepenbrink ist mutig! Sie will den fürchterlichen Drachen kennenlernen.



On My Skis

Kari-Lynn Winters (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Tradewind Books, December 2016
Ages 2-5
Hardcover, 24 pages
ISBN: 9781926890036
English language
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Set in the mountains overlooking Vancouver, this follow-up to the successful On My Walk features a young child learning to ski.
Enchanting illustrations by Christina Leist illuminate this story by one of Canada’s up-and-coming children’s authors.



On My Bike

Kari-Lynn Winters (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Tradewind Books, Spring 2017
Ages 2-5
Hardcover, 24 pages
ISBN: 9781926890135
English language
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Toddlers and young children will take delight in this whimsically illustrated rhyming story. Come along on a whirling-twirling bicycle ride through the pathways and trails around Vancouver.



Awards and Recognition

CCBC Best Books List 2017


Prinzessin Piepenbrink und der fürchterlich nette Drache

Karin M. Anders (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Arena Verlag, January, 2016
Ages 6 and up
Hardcover, 56 pages
ISBN: 9783401706665
German language
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Prinzessin Piepenbrink ist nicht nur sehr neugierig, sondern auch mutig. Deshalb schreckt sie die Warnung vor dem gefährlichen Drachen nicht ab. Ganz im Gegenteil! Unbedingt will sie ihn kennenlernen. Und plötzlich ist sie mitten drin in einem wundersamen Abenteuer.


I Love You One to Ten

Caroline Adderson (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Groundwood Books, September 15. 2015
Ages 2 – 5
Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1554987085
English language
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In this poem addressed to a young child, author Caroline Adderson outlines the ten things a mother loves about her little one. From his scaley elbows and knees all the way to his twitchy tail, every inch of this little “monster” is itemized and admired. Gentle and humorous illustrations by Christina Leist show how one tired parent decides to participate in a bit of rowdy play at bedtime, with the result being a happily tired child and a mother who is even more in love with her offspring than she was at the beginning of the book. This satisfyingly unconventional bedtime story will encourage children and parents to appreciate each other just a little bit more every time they read it.


I Love You, One to Ten is a very cute book for younger children as they will likely see themselves and their innocent, carefree lives reflected in the pages. Recommended

Canadian Materials


Leist’s artwork has the clear lines of a hand drawing and the muted, pastel shimmer of a light silk screen. The colors often bleed beyond their borders, lending a dreamy quality to the proceedings, and a company of small details—a peekaboo cat that looks like an owl, a host of Band-Aids covering elbows and knees, and, count ’em, four chins indeed above a “drum-tum tummy”—slow the free-verse poem’s momentum and introduce the possible notion of day’s end.

Kirkus Reviews



Virginia Schwartz (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

Tradewind Books, 2011
Ages 8-11
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Narrated by a fat half-Persian half-alley cat called Amos, this very funny chapter book will delight young readers. When an injured baby squirrel moves into Amos’ already crowded household, everything turns topsy-turvy. Ten year old Tyler wants to keep the squirrel, but Amos knows wild things will wreak havoc on his already stressed-out family. This charming novel is populated with an eccentric cast of colourful characters.


Amusing, quirky pen-and-ink illustrations
offer a cat’s-eye view of Amos’ life as he gradually
develops a more empathetic understanding
of the challenges the orphaned, disabled squirrel faces.
A sometimes-funny animal tale with an appropriately
feel-good ending, sure to please feline fanciers.”

—Kirkus Reviews


…children who like animal stories
will likely find this a pleasurable read.”

—Canadian Material


Child-like drawings combined with furry humour create a fun read.”

—Calgary Herald


Episodic, humor-filled chapters…will make this a popular read-aloud. Leist’s numerous black-line cartoons help to maintain interest and break up the text for younger readers.”



The illustrations by Christina Leist perfectly compliment the text. She captures the main ideas of each chapter in cat like drawings that add to the hilarity of the narrative.”

—Cheriee Weichel on Library Matters




Nominated for the 2012-2013 Red Cedar Award

On My Walk

Kari-Lynn Winters (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

ISBN: 978-1-896580-61-6
Tradewind Books, 2010
Ages 2-5
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On their walk along the city’s waterfront, a mother and her toddler end up being caught in a summer rainstorm.
A simple story—a fun bedtime read for everyone. Themes: Vancouver waterfront, rain, animals, rain, walking


Leist’s layered illustrations work well with Winters’ words,
turning path, pond, and beach into a lively riot
of green leaves and grass…. The transition from
sunny day to cloudy one is subtle, but by the time
the rain really hits, the book’s pages seem wonderfully
stormy and waterlogged..”

—Quill & Quire.


The very simple text, with onomatopoeic words,
is great for reading aloud. Toddlers won’t need much
encouragement to join in the chorus of slippity-slop’s
and clippity-clop’s… Highly recommended.”

—CM Magazine


On My Walk will gently remind caregivers and children about the
beauty in the world around them, no matter where they live!”

—Canadian Children’s Book Centre on Good Reads



Silver Medalist BC Bookprize 2010
Silver Medalist Chocolate Lily Award 2010/2011
Selected as a Top 2010 Canadian Children’s Book by the Toronto Public Library for building reading readiness
Selected as the Year’s Best Picture Books by Resource Links magazine 2010

Jack The Bear

Christina Leist (Author/Illustrator)

ISBN 978-1-894965-97-2
Simply Read Books, 2009
40 pp, Hardcover
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 3-7.
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Brainy Owl says Jack the Bear is making the world a better place, but Nosy Fox can’t understand how. Nosy
knows that prime ministers, presidents, peace prize winners and other important people make the world a
better place. But how is Jack the Bear helping?


For those looking to inspire young children to change the world,
this book serves as a good introduction. Certainly, if we all learned
to be a little bit like Jack the Bear, who shares his honey, the world would
be a much sweeter place.”

—Lindsay Schluter, CM Magazine


A Honey of a Story.
Jack the Bear is very good starting point
for discussions about social responsibility.”

—Storytime Standouts




Silver Medalist Blue Spruce Award 2011
Nominated for ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award 2011

The Graveyard Hounds

Vi Hughes (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

978-1-896580-27-2 · Hardcover · 2008
978-1-896580-49-4 · Paperback · 2009
Tradewind Books
Ages 8-12
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The disembodied howls of the Graveyard Hounds threaten to bring disaster to Mike and Annie’s town. It’s October. Storms rage, fires break out, and a mysterious visitor appears. When the dogs in town lose their barks, Mike and Annie set out to solve the mystery. They follow the clues and uncover scary secrets from the past. Can Mike and Annie stop the deadly curse of the Graveyard Hounds?
Themes: Halloween

As Hallowe’en approaches, violent storms occur over the town
where Mike and Annie live. Lightning strikes their playground and their
dogs lose their bark. Noticing the new school custodian is around whenever
something strange happens, they decide to investigate and become caught
up in a terrible secret which requires brave actions–are they up to it?
Find out in this spine-tingling story with large print and some pictures.”

—Primary Times


(Despite) it’s ominous atmosphere,
this is a story most children can enjoy before bed.”

—Canadian Materials


Baaaad Animals

Tiffany Stone (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

ISBN: 1-896580-36-X
Tradewind Books, 2006
Ages 6-9
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Sheep that steal. A lyin’ lion. Slugs with deep, dark secrets. This second book of humorous verse for children from Tiffany Stone is full of animals being B-A-A-D. Remember those sheep? They say they’ll “give you nightmares, make you weep.” But you’re more likely to giggle at their antics and the crazy capers of the other critters in this book instead. Stone’s mischievous poems paired with Christina Leist’s cheeky ink illustrations guarantee readers are in for a very GOOD time indeed!
Themes: funny poems, animals, bad animals


Even kids who say they don’t like Poetry will change
their minds when they read or hear this collection.
Highly recommended.”

—Dave Jenkinson, Faculty of Education, the University of Manitoba


This is an excellent book for the four to eight age ranges.
This could be used successfully to introduce children
to Poetry and thinking outside of the box creatively in the classroom.”

—Children’s Literature



Winner of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre ‘Our Choice’ Award 1998-1999
Chosen for Vancouver Translink’s Poetry in Transit 2008