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After a long silence

It’s been a busy few months of no posts on the blog.
Time flew by and a lot happened. Here’s the roundup:

This spring I went to Germany for a few weeks to see family, friends and my dear 29-year-old horse Kalle.
I also spent time in Bologna, Italy where I met-up with friends – fellow illustrator Scot Ritchie and writers Annett Stuetze and Britta Vorbach from Germany – and attended the world’s biggest children’s book fair.
It was a chilly spring in Europe, but I still had a fabulous time.

On my return to Canada, I finished a really fun illustration piece, inspired by the long-distance-relationship with my horse in Germany. The illustration will be in the Uppercase magazine’s third issue of Work Life, which will be coming out in September of this year. I will be one of 100 international illustrators (and their lives) featured in there.
So if you want to know more about my life – get one of these books.

Currently I am designing a book for Silk Web Publishing, a new local publisher. It is a very enjoyable book design project and it was interesting to work with the very young, talented and very eager illustrator Rebecca Wright. It made me aware of all the things I didn’t know I knew. We are in the last stages of proofing at the moment. Our Canadian Love Story, written by Linnie von Sky will be coming out this fall.

I am writing and illustrating a piece for Chirp magazine, too! The topic is grandparents. The text is written already and it is now time to add the visuals (I will show some sketches in the coming weeks. It is going to be FUN!).
My book On My Walk is going to be re-printed and a new series with Tradewind Books is on the horizon.

Finally summer has arrived in Vancouver! It is gorgeous outside. A tough time to get work done, but I will hang in there and take breaks on the balcony!

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Illustrating Picture Books Workshop

It was the last day of the Illustrating Picture Books workshop at Trout Lake Community Center yesterday.
I am very proud of my students. They came up with fun stories about little boys and girls, cats and dogs! They mapped them out in story board format and made little dummies after playing with sequence and layout.
Everyone developed charming characters. After playing with different styles and mediums, colour and different perspectives, they are coming alive.

I am wising everyone great fun with finishing their projects!

Starting on April 22., there will be a new 8-week-course offered at the Trout Lake Community Center. The course description will be posted soon here, on Trout Lakes Program page.

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Thanks to the Kids and teachers at Vancouver’s Captain James Cook Elementary School!

With a little delay I would like to say thank you so much! for the amazing letters I received after my visit to the school in December. I had great fun looking at the artwork and reading through them! Great work, kids!

A lot of children were asking in their letters, if Vitus has made it back from his involuntary trip in the washing machine… Well, I haven’t heard from him in weeks. The last sock letter was that he said he was going to search for a friend who could help him to get back to me.
Please keep your fingers crossed!

Also thanks to Deloitte for organizing the great event.

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Winter Solstice

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Back then

Kids usually ask me since when I have been drawing and if I have always been good at it.

Since I am doing a school visit at the Captain James Cook Elementary School in Vancouver tomorrow, I thought I am going to prepare for this question, in case it comes up. So I asked my dad to search for some childhood drawings, scan and send them.

This is what he found (he received my request kind of in the middle of the night)…
I have no idea when I drew the pictures and I can’t recall creating them. But since I was able to write and my lettering was tilted to the left (which is not what we initially learnt) when I finished the second image, I think I might have been about 8 years old… At that point I was also into ballet – I guess that’s where the foot position has its origin.
I wouldn’t say, I was a great artist back then. But I enjoyed drawing a lot and was encouraged to continue…! Thanks, dad!

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SOS to the World

My little friend Vitus is stranded in the Land of Socks after getting lost in my washing machine.
How he got there, what he’s up to over there (he writes letters) and for plans on how we could get him back, visit his NEW website (which he made me set-up for him…)!
Just click on the image here!

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Mateus final

It took a little while – but here is the last panel of Mateus’ big sleep.
Big hug over to France, brave Mateus!

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Drawing for charity

Tomorrow at 6pm I am participating in the charity event “H’Arts for the Homeless”.
I have been preparing some Jack the Bear illustrations I will be working on during the event and which will be auctioned at the end of the gala.

It will be a great, classy evening with many artists at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Check it out on Facebook and come see me there!

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Ritter Motz

This is an illustration I finished this week. It shows two characters from for the funny stories about the knight “Motz”. Ritter Motz and Cornelius (who is a salamander). My friends Annett Stütze und Britta Vorbach are the authors.
They will be reading their stories tomorrow in Bad Homburg in Germany.

(Good luck with the reading, Annett and Britta!)

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Thanks to the kids and teachers at McBride Annex!

I received your thank-you-cards and -letters for the school visit the other day. They fill-up my entire table! I am very excited about all the great and creative drawings and friendly words.
Keep on drawing!


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Mateus 5

Thanks for your help, Mateus!
Your answer to my question in the last post was: “Fighting bad bacteria with his sword & putting them in prison.”
What a great response!
So here is the next post for you.

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Great Halloween Read!

If you are between 8-12 years old and you like it slightly spooky, check out The Graveyard Hounds!
It’s a chapter book with lots of dogs, crows, Annie and her friend Mike and many, many illustrations – perfect for those rainy Fall evenings around Halloween.

The disembodied howls of the Graveyard Hounds threaten to bring disaster to Mike and Annie’s town. It’s October. Storms rage, fires break out, and a mysterious visitor appears. When the dogs in town lose their barks, Mike and Annie set out to solve the mystery. They follow the clues and uncover scary secrets from the past. Can Mike and Annie stop the deadly curse of the Graveyard Hounds?

“As Hallowe’en approaches, violent storms occur over the town
where Mike and Annie live. Lightning strikes their playground
and their dogs lose their bark. Noticing the new school custodian is around whenever something strange happens, they decide to investigate and become caught up in a terrible secret which requires brave actions–are they up to it?
Find out in this spine-tingling story with large print and some pictures.”

—Primary Times


“(Despite) it’s ominous atmosphere,
this is a story most children can enjoy before bed.”

—Canadian Materials


Vi Hughes (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

978-1-896580-27-2 · Hardcover · 2008
978-1-896580-49-4 · Paperback · 2009
Tradewind Books
Ages 8-12
Buy this book at Amazon or Indigo

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Mateus 4

Another post for Mateus. Now his help is needed.

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Mateus 3

A new post for my little friend Mateus, who is getting better and better! Go, Mateus, go!

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Mateus 2

Mateus’ little story goes on (adults: please excuse… no editor has seen this!)

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