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A little friend of mine got really sick with pneumonia recently.
I am so glad that he is over the hump now, after being a brave fighter for days and weeks in the hospital.

So the next few posts are for Mateus and his family Madalena, Zita and Keith.

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Back to School 2

Today I added a new fun drawing sheet to celebrate the first few weeks of school to the website (Find it here!). I bet you like horses!

I hope to get invited to many great schools this year, so I can meet their awesome students, teachers and librarians!
I am especially excited about my new tailored costumes and can’t wait to dress-up students – and teachers! Do you recognize this feathered friend?

If you’d like to find out more about the presentations I am offering to schools and preschools, to book me for a visit at your school or in case you know someone who might be interested in doing so, please have a look at my info sheet here or send me a message!

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Back to School 1

Poster Design for a school in Berlin.

Poster design for a school in Berlin

Canada is now really back to school. The first few weeks are over and everybody has settled in.
In Germany it’s already time for a break: In Deutschland sind Herbstferien! That means ‘Germany has Fall Holidays now!’
I used to love the 1 or 2 weeks off in Fall. It’s the best time to fly kites, to collect colourful leaves and to make chestnut men. Some of you Canadian kids might want to move to Germany now! But before you are starting to pack your suitcases, be informed that the German Summer holiday is much shorter than the Summer break in North America. Sommerferien are ‘only’ 6 weeks long.
Schöne Herbstferien, Berlin! And to everybody anywhere: Have fun flying kites and walking dogs – even if it is only after school.

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What I see – Day 13

I went for a nice Fall run today. At the trail entrance a sign was greeting me, warning of aggressive coyotes.
So I ran a little faster than I had planned and no coyotes appeared.

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What I see – Day 12

Today I was hoping to go up the mountain. With “the mountain” I mean Grouse Mountain. But since my back has been bugging me again today, I bailed and decided to approach the mountain in a drawing instead.
In case you don’t know anything about Grouse Mountain, here are some facts about its most famous hike, the “Grind” (I do prefer the BCMC though).

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What I see – Day 11

Well, yesterday’s post contains a mistake. To me the word in question does not look like a mistake, in fact it looks like a perfect English word. Turns out it’s not, it’s a German word. To make it easier for me to remember, I made a little cheat sheet.

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What I see – Day 10

I have a favourite spot in my living room: The perch.
And this was was I saw today (besides my laptop and a few other things).

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What I see – Day 9

This weekend I went on a walk along Spanish Banks – my favourite beach in the neigbourhood – and I came by the little creek there that is now all cleaned-up and apparently waiting for this year’s Salmon return later this Fall. Last year, I hear there were 16 animals came back, which is pretty cool, considering that this a pretty small stream is basically in the city.

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What I see – Day 8

An email in my inbox this morning informed me that the chase is on again!
PS: I am not participating.

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What I see – Day 7

Today I am back to posting after taking a break yesterday – I am going to school on Wednesday nights.

I am not quite sure why I am posting poultry today, but it might be related to a frightening documentary I watched about chicken and the immense amount of antibiotics many of them get fed in the few days they get to live before they are slaughtered.
The chicken/roosters here are lucky not to be bread to be eaten. But judged by their odd shapes, one could think that they are on steroids.

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What I see – Day 6

Without Words.
Headlines welcome.

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What I see – Day 5

Today was not my day for thinking. So there….

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Double great news today!

I just found out on Tradewind Book’s facebook site that my artwork for ‘On My Walk’ was chosen for the cover of Edmonton Public Library’s next ’100 Great Books to Read Together’.
The book itself (written by my friend Kari-Lynn Winters and obviously illustrated by me) was chosen as one of these books!

And ‘Nutz!’ written by Virginia Schwartz and illustrated by myself has been voted 2nd on the BC Children’s Bestseller List for this week!

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What I see – Day 4

Late Summer is gracing Vancouver with warmth, so I went over to West Van for some sunshine and flamingo coloured architecture.

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What I see – Day 3

Today I am posting this week’s pool weather forecast for Vancouver. My lovely assistant Leona is helping to illustrate the facts.

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