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Character Development Challenge – Day 8

Alistair is working in a very hip part of the town in a very hip coffee shop and is showing off a very hip moustache. You can find him at work on weekends, but also on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when he is not taking courses in Art School. He was born in the year Magnum P.I. was discontinued.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 7

Today was the last day of my visit to Alberta.
I checked out Calgary’s centre this morning and saw lots of men in suits (many with ugly neck ties). It could be that all the testosterone was inspiring today’s characters – although I ended up drawing men with boots, not suits.

Does anybody have any ideas for names and stories accompanying these images? My brain is blank…

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Character Development Challenge – Day 6

On the weekend I went camping with friends in the Rockies. We were looking for bears, but didn’t get to see any (which I think was a good thing).
Although in the city (Calgary) today, I kept thinking about bears. Therefore…

…meet Albert from Alberta today!

Albert is a tired Grozzly Bear. Yes, you are reading correctly: Albert is a Grozzly.
Grozzly Bears are rarely seen. They hide better than their relatives the Grizzlies. The reason for this is that they can become see-through. Even eager tourists won’t become aware of the presence of this kind of bear – not even when he is sitting right next to them on a rock, while they are having their lunches at the creek.
Below two very special images with Albert from Alberta visible.

This is how some of my bear hunting journey looked like…

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Character Development Challenge – Day 5

And this little guy is Mouse.
He is a cheerful fellow and a big fan of Otto Lilienthal. When he first met Fledermouse, he was certain this must be the pioneer of aviation himself. After learning that Fledermouse is not a flight pioneer, but a bitter bat, he talked his new friend into giving him flying lessons.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 4

This is “Fledermouse”. He is a character, I actually will use for a story I have been working on.
Fledermouse is green, because of his predominant mood. He is a rather bitter guy.
You will meet his new friend Mouse tomorrow.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 3

Today’s character is Don Leone.
Don Leone was created between dealing with a flat tire and a BBQ engagement. He is a quickie…
He appears to be big in the picture, but he actually is really small – about the size of a big Guinea Pig.

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Baby Portraits – more of little Alex

Recently I had the pleasure to draw baby Alexandra again. She has grown quite a bit since I last saw her a couple of weeks ago. It’s so exciting to watch her become bigger and bigger – soon she won’t hold so still anymore, I fear.
Many thanks to the proud grandparents Carol and Karl for hosting the drawing session.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 2

Day two of the challenge – so far so good.

Welcome Sami!

He showed-up for today’s character challenge.
Sami can already do the rainbow stroke, jump into the deep part of the pool and dive for a ring.
By the end of the Summer he wants to be able to go swim in the ocean together with his dog Trooper (not in the picture).

Meet Sami!

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Character Development Challenge – Day 1

Starting today, for the next four weeks, I am committed to a character development challenge! I will be creating 5 characters per week – one on each work-day. Fingers crossed that he creative juices will be flowing.

Today Hercules was born.

He is not your ordinary hare. He is quite strong for his tiny size. He loves carrots (the carotene gives his fur a glowing golden shine), but he says that his favourite vegetables are radishes – although they are not the secret to his extraordinary strength.
Meet Hercules Hare!

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Office/Home Insights

Currently I am in the lucky, but sometimes irritating situation that my home also functions as my office/studio.
It comes with an amazing view of the ocean, the mountains and the neighbourhood and contains a lot of inspiring things, plus at least as many distractions!
It is a fine balance between being focused on work and creating mental space for creativity by letting the distractions take over in small doses.

A nice read on the topic of Creativity is Jonah Lehrer’s latest book “Imagine”. Although the neuroscientist I just talked to about it went all green and maybe a little purple during our conversation. I would rate that as a rather bad testimonial from a scientific mind, but what do I know about scientific soundness in books, I was just after the joy…

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Baby Portraits – lil’ Alexandra

I was asked to draw my friend’s little daughter Alex.
Here are the first images. There is more to come.

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A few new sketches of my Kitsilano

I always carry something to draw or write or make lists. I love to sit on the patio of my favourite coffee shop – a medium latte at my side – or elsewhere nice, sorting my thoughts while doodling.
It’s said that Vanouverites are not very talkative, nor open to strangers. Let me tell you that this is a lie! I have met so many people, talking to me over my sketch book. My drawings seem to be a great conversation starter topic – an even better one than the weather. So if you want to meet new people, consider to start sketching in public!

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Roadside wisdom

I found this sign a few years ago somewhere in the nowheres on a road trip. I am glad I re-discovered it – it’s such a great reminder.

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I am a Featured Artist on the Paperblanks Blog…

…therefore it’s time for blogging about it. Yeah!

You might know Paperblanks’ neat and beautiful journals, as they are being sold all over the world. They are designed by a group of great people here in Vancouver, not far from where I am living.
I had to answer some interview questions about my creative life and was even asked my age. To read what I had to say, to see some holiday sketches from Thailand and to find out how old I am, see Featured Artist Profile.


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Launching a website

Is it ready to be launched?
It has to be…
It better is…

I am so happy to have finally launched my new overhauled website – and blog.
It was a longer process to get it ready.
Please stay tuned for interesting posts about illustration, design, creativity and whatever triggers my interest.
If you have suggestions for posts, please feel free to shoot me a line.

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