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Note to Self!

A little while back I was teaching painting to seniors. Some of the students hadn’t held a brush since they were little kids and they were hesitant to start with their artwork.
They were wondering what was expected of them, as they didn’t want to mess with the utensils they were provided with and make mistakes.
When we established that messing around was part of what we were doing in class, they managed to drop their fears and plunged into the experience – with beautiful outcomes.
I am working creatively (almost) every day and still I experience those moments of being totally paralyzed, not sure what is expected of me, not wanting to make mistakes.
Therefore note to self: Get to it, be messy, enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid of not meeting expectations! Who knows maybe the outcome is going to be just beautiful…





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“One Horse a Day” is starting next week!!!

One-horse-a-day-–-travelWhen I learnt that my illustration assignment for “Work/Life 3: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration” was to draw something inspired by my relationship to my 29-year-old horse “Kalle”, I felt a little uncomfortable at first…

Since I live in Vancouver and Kalle is in Germany, we lead a long-distance relationship. This relationship stands for many other relationships that became long-distance when I moved from Germany to Canada. It stands for mixed feelings, for holding on and letting go, for freedom of choice and also having responsibilities. It is a pretty personal topic.

But I also felt pure horse-drawing-excitement, an almost forgotten feeling from my childhood. Back then I never got tired to draw another mane and tail. Drawing horses was almost as good as being with them in reality and it used to make me plain happy. Eventually the excitement took over and I was able to focus on the affection Kalle and I have for each other and had a lot of fun creating my contribution.

Surprise for Work/Life 3: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration

A very simple conclusion formed in my head: Drawing horses still has the power to make me happy and therefore should be practised on a more regular basis! This is why for the next two weeks starting on Monday, I am going to draw “One Horse a Day”.
It’s simply for fun and happiness.
Watch out for the first horse here on my blog or facebook on Monday September 16…

If you like to see the complete illustrator feature from “Work/Life 3: the UPPERCASE directory of illustration”, check out this post.
If you want to learn more about the project, go here. If you would like to order your copy, you can do that through UPPERCASE’s online store here.

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What’s next?

The four weeks of the Character Development Challenge are over and the favourites (voted for on facebook) have been found: Fledermouse and Little Unicorn, followed by Henley, Little Mammoth and Ginger are the winners.
I really liked having to produce and post daily – even when the posted character sometimes only ended-up being a rough sketch. I feel that my creative senses have been sharpened and therefore I will keep going with a regular creating and posting schedule.
Sooo, what’s next…?
I have 3 ideas for little projects – see titles below. Check out the project descriptions on facebook ( and let me know what you would wanna see first!

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Office/Home Insights

Currently I am in the lucky, but sometimes irritating situation that my home also functions as my office/studio.
It comes with an amazing view of the ocean, the mountains and the neighbourhood and contains a lot of inspiring things, plus at least as many distractions!
It is a fine balance between being focused on work and creating mental space for creativity by letting the distractions take over in small doses.

A nice read on the topic of Creativity is Jonah Lehrer’s latest book “Imagine”. Although the neuroscientist I just talked to about it went all green and maybe a little purple during our conversation. I would rate that as a rather bad testimonial from a scientific mind, but what do I know about scientific soundness in books, I was just after the joy…