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Note to Self!

A little while back I was teaching painting to seniors. Some of the students hadn’t held a brush since they were little kids and they were hesitant to start with their artwork.
They were wondering what was expected of them, as they didn’t want to mess with the utensils they were provided with and make mistakes.
When we established that messing around was part of what we were doing in class, they managed to drop their fears and plunged into the experience – with beautiful outcomes.
I am working creatively (almost) every day and still I experience those moments of being totally paralyzed, not sure what is expected of me, not wanting to make mistakes.
Therefore note to self: Get to it, be messy, enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid of not meeting expectations! Who knows maybe the outcome is going to be just beautiful…





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Office/Home Insights

Currently I am in the lucky, but sometimes irritating situation that my home also functions as my office/studio.
It comes with an amazing view of the ocean, the mountains and the neighbourhood and contains a lot of inspiring things, plus at least as many distractions!
It is a fine balance between being focused on work and creating mental space for creativity by letting the distractions take over in small doses.

A nice read on the topic of Creativity is Jonah Lehrer’s latest book “Imagine”. Although the neuroscientist I just talked to about it went all green and maybe a little purple during our conversation. I would rate that as a rather bad testimonial from a scientific mind, but what do I know about scientific soundness in books, I was just after the joy…

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Roadside wisdom

I found this sign a few years ago somewhere in the nowheres on a road trip. I am glad I re-discovered it – it’s such a great reminder.