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Thanks to the Kids and teachers at Vancouver’s Captain James Cook Elementary School!

With a little delay I would like to say thank you so much! for the amazing letters I received after my visit to the school in December. I had great fun looking at the artwork and reading through them! Great work, kids!

A lot of children were asking in their letters, if Vitus has made it back from his involuntary trip in the washing machine… Well, I haven’t heard from him in weeks. The last sock letter was that he said he was going to search for a friend who could help him to get back to me.
Please keep your fingers crossed!

Also thanks to Deloitte for organizing the great event.

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Back then

Kids usually ask me since when I have been drawing and if I have always been good at it.

Since I am doing a school visit at the Captain James Cook Elementary School in Vancouver tomorrow, I thought I am going to prepare for this question, in case it comes up. So I asked my dad to search for some childhood drawings, scan and send them.

This is what he found (he received my request kind of in the middle of the night)…
I have no idea when I drew the pictures and I can’t recall creating them. But since I was able to write and my lettering was tilted to the left (which is not what we initially learnt) when I finished the second image, I think I might have been about 8 years old… At that point I was also into ballet – I guess that’s where the foot position has its origin.
I wouldn’t say, I was a great artist back then. But I enjoyed drawing a lot and was encouraged to continue…! Thanks, dad!

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Thanks to the kids and teachers at McBride Annex!

I received your thank-you-cards and -letters for the school visit the other day. They fill-up my entire table! I am very excited about all the great and creative drawings and friendly words.
Keep on drawing!


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Back to School 2

Today I added a new fun drawing sheet to celebrate the first few weeks of school to the website (Find it here!). I bet you like horses!

I hope to get invited to many great schools this year, so I can meet their awesome students, teachers and librarians!
I am especially excited about my new tailored costumes and can’t wait to dress-up students – and teachers! Do you recognize this feathered friend?

If you’d like to find out more about the presentations I am offering to schools and preschools, to book me for a visit at your school or in case you know someone who might be interested in doing so, please have a look at my info sheet here or send me a message!

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Back to School 1

Poster Design for a school in Berlin.

Poster design for a school in Berlin

Canada is now really back to school. The first few weeks are over and everybody has settled in.
In Germany it’s already time for a break: In Deutschland sind Herbstferien! That means ‘Germany has Fall Holidays now!’
I used to love the 1 or 2 weeks off in Fall. It’s the best time to fly kites, to collect colourful leaves and to make chestnut men. Some of you Canadian kids might want to move to Germany now! But before you are starting to pack your suitcases, be informed that the German Summer holiday is much shorter than the Summer break in North America. Sommerferien are ‘only’ 6 weeks long.
Schöne Herbstferien, Berlin! And to everybody anywhere: Have fun flying kites and walking dogs – even if it is only after school.