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Character Development Challenge – Day 13

Yesterday’s character was Ms Flavia de Luce (also in the picture her bike Gladys). I like that Flavia names her vehicles – I do that, too. The car I am driving at the moment is named whale, the last one was Lotta and I own two bikes, named Wheely and Dafodile.
The creator of Flavia, Gladys and the series of great murder mysteries they are starring in is Alan Bradley – a Canadian. I can’t wait for the next book to come out in 2013, when I will finally get to spend some more time with the very witty and British Flavia and her friends!

Today’s character is my own creation:
It’s Little Mammoth.
Little Mammoth is really slow. His bones are creaking and moaning.
Therefore everything Little Mammoth does, takes a little bit longer.

I might have come up with Little Mammoth now, because today I am feeling just like him…

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Baby Portraits – lil’ Alexandra

I was asked to draw my friend’s little daughter Alex.
Here are the first images. There is more to come.

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A few new sketches of my Kitsilano

I always carry something to draw or write or make lists. I love to sit on the patio of my favourite coffee shop – a medium latte at my side – or elsewhere nice, sorting my thoughts while doodling.
It’s said that Vanouverites are not very talkative, nor open to strangers. Let me tell you that this is a lie! I have met so many people, talking to me over my sketch book. My drawings seem to be a great conversation starter topic – an even better one than the weather. So if you want to meet new people, consider to start sketching in public!