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The Last Year and a Bit

My last year was filled with a variety of fun projects and creative endeavours and with great people to work with in different settings. I was so busy that I never got to make note of it on the blog…

The Knowledge Network

My full-time job for a year was to replace the Art Director at British Columbia’s Knowledge Network while she was on maternity leave. Although I was challenged to work regular hours in an office setting, I ended up really liking it! From previous engagements there I knew I would be surrounded by very talented, friendly people and it was such a great experience to get to see them every day. I was lucky to work on diverse projects – my favourite being the development of a streaming app for the Knowledge Network’s children’s channel Knowledge Kids. After its launch, the app quickly became Canada’s most successful app for Kids in the itunes store and we were a very proud team.
To find the free app, search for Knowledge Kids Go in the apple or google app store.


I Love You One to Ten – Groundwood Books

I Love You One to Ten was published by Toronto’s Groundwood Books in September of 2015. It was a pleasure working with the publisher Sheila Barry and I am sure hoping for a repeat.


Prinzessin Piepenbrink – Arena Verlag

While working at the Knowledge Network, I was finishing-up an illustration project with the Arena Verlag in Wuerzburg, Germany. The book Prinzessin Piepenbrink und der Fuerchterlich Nette Drache became available in January 2016. It’s a fun read for German-reading first graders. Available in German book stores or on Amazon.


Chirp Magazine

Also available since January is the new Chirp Magazine with a Dino Day ABC written and illustrated by me.


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SOS to the World

My little friend Vitus is stranded in the Land of Socks after getting lost in my washing machine.
How he got there, what he’s up to over there (he writes letters) and for plans on how we could get him back, visit his NEW website (which he made me set-up for him…)!
Just click on the image here!

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Drawing for charity

Tomorrow at 6pm I am participating in the charity event “H’Arts for the Homeless”.
I have been preparing some Jack the Bear illustrations I will be working on during the event and which will be auctioned at the end of the gala.

It will be a great, classy evening with many artists at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Check it out on Facebook and come see me there!

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Ritter Motz

This is an illustration I finished this week. It shows two characters from for the funny stories about the knight “Motz”. Ritter Motz and Cornelius (who is a salamander). My friends Annett Stütze und Britta Vorbach are the authors.
They will be reading their stories tomorrow in Bad Homburg in Germany.

(Good luck with the reading, Annett and Britta!)

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Mateus 5

Thanks for your help, Mateus!
Your answer to my question in the last post was: “Fighting bad bacteria with his sword & putting them in prison.”
What a great response!
So here is the next post for you.

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Great Halloween Read!

If you are between 8-12 years old and you like it slightly spooky, check out The Graveyard Hounds!
It’s a chapter book with lots of dogs, crows, Annie and her friend Mike and many, many illustrations – perfect for those rainy Fall evenings around Halloween.

The disembodied howls of the Graveyard Hounds threaten to bring disaster to Mike and Annie’s town. It’s October. Storms rage, fires break out, and a mysterious visitor appears. When the dogs in town lose their barks, Mike and Annie set out to solve the mystery. They follow the clues and uncover scary secrets from the past. Can Mike and Annie stop the deadly curse of the Graveyard Hounds?

“As Hallowe’en approaches, violent storms occur over the town
where Mike and Annie live. Lightning strikes their playground
and their dogs lose their bark. Noticing the new school custodian is around whenever something strange happens, they decide to investigate and become caught up in a terrible secret which requires brave actions–are they up to it?
Find out in this spine-tingling story with large print and some pictures.”

—Primary Times


“(Despite) it’s ominous atmosphere,
this is a story most children can enjoy before bed.”

—Canadian Materials


Vi Hughes (Author)
Christina Leist (Illustrator)

978-1-896580-27-2 · Hardcover · 2008
978-1-896580-49-4 · Paperback · 2009
Tradewind Books
Ages 8-12
Buy this book at Amazon or Indigo

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Mateus 4

Another post for Mateus. Now his help is needed.

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Mateus 3

A new post for my little friend Mateus, who is getting better and better! Go, Mateus, go!

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Mateus 2

Mateus’ little story goes on (adults: please excuse… no editor has seen this!)

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Character Development Challenge – Day 20

Jonas and Dieter are pirates. Very romantic pirates.
Dieter once fell in love with a catfish named Molly. But Molly moved away, or disappeared (we don’t know). Since then, he and his buddy Jonas have been roaming the waters on a mission to find Dieter’s Pretty Kitty.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 19

Today is a unicorn day!
I can’t tell you! It’s a little bit of a secret.
But it has to do with the magic of pink skies after sun set and moon shine over early morning waters.

Well, anyway – meet Little Unicorn!

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Character Development Challenge – Day 17

The first day of school.

Three new friends made.
Half a banana traded for apple pieces.
Four songs sung.
One soccer game won.
Two dinosaur band-aides on the left knee.

Marcie decided, that she’d like to go again tomorrow.

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Character Development Challenge – Day 15

It has been 3 weeks of the Character Development Challenge – yeah!
I find it interesting to see how I switched from just posting a rough idea for a character to wanting to post a more refined version lately.
I have been enjoying the process a lot and am already thinking about a new challenge after this one!

Today’s characters are the group of little Tweeties.
They are a cocky flock of little trouble makers that are suffering quite a bit from looking very much alike.

And since the season is kinda demanding it – I have to add the following….

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Character Development Challenge – Day 14

This is Henley. He is not only a dog – he is a bulldog.
Henley’s girlfriend’s name is Piper. Currently she is on holiday with her owner Kathy, but will be back in town very soon.
Henley can’t wait to see her again!

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Character Development Challenge – Day 13

Yesterday’s character was Ms Flavia de Luce (also in the picture her bike Gladys). I like that Flavia names her vehicles – I do that, too. The car I am driving at the moment is named whale, the last one was Lotta and I own two bikes, named Wheely and Dafodile.
The creator of Flavia, Gladys and the series of great murder mysteries they are starring in is Alan Bradley – a Canadian. I can’t wait for the next book to come out in 2013, when I will finally get to spend some more time with the very witty and British Flavia and her friends!

Today’s character is my own creation:
It’s Little Mammoth.
Little Mammoth is really slow. His bones are creaking and moaning.
Therefore everything Little Mammoth does, takes a little bit longer.

I might have come up with Little Mammoth now, because today I am feeling just like him…

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