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The Last Year and a Bit

My last year was filled with a variety of fun projects and creative endeavours and with great people to work with in different settings. I was so busy that I never got to make note of it on the blog…

The Knowledge Network

My full-time job for a year was to replace the Art Director at British Columbia’s Knowledge Network while she was on maternity leave. Although I was challenged to work regular hours in an office setting, I ended up really liking it! From previous engagements there I knew I would be surrounded by very talented, friendly people and it was such a great experience to get to see them every day. I was lucky to work on diverse projects – my favourite being the development of a streaming app for the Knowledge Network’s children’s channel Knowledge Kids. After its launch, the app quickly became Canada’s most successful app for Kids in the itunes store and we were a very proud team.
To find the free app, search for Knowledge Kids Go in the apple or google app store.


I Love You One to Ten – Groundwood Books

I Love You One to Ten was published by Toronto’s Groundwood Books in September of 2015. It was a pleasure working with the publisher Sheila Barry and I am sure hoping for a repeat.


Prinzessin Piepenbrink – Arena Verlag

While working at the Knowledge Network, I was finishing-up an illustration project with the Arena Verlag in Wuerzburg, Germany. The book Prinzessin Piepenbrink und der Fuerchterlich Nette Drache became available in January 2016. It’s a fun read for German-reading first graders. Available in German book stores or on Amazon.


Chirp Magazine

Also available since January is the new Chirp Magazine with a Dino Day ABC written and illustrated by me.


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Illustrating Picture Books Workshop

It was the last day of the Illustrating Picture Books workshop at Trout Lake Community Center yesterday.
I am very proud of my students. They came up with fun stories about little boys and girls, cats and dogs! They mapped them out in story board format and made little dummies after playing with sequence and layout.
Everyone developed charming characters. After playing with different styles and mediums, colour and different perspectives, they are coming alive.

I am wising everyone great fun with finishing their projects!

Starting on April 22., there will be a new 8-week-course offered at the Trout Lake Community Center. The course description will be posted soon here, on Trout Lakes Program page.

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Drawing for charity

Tomorrow at 6pm I am participating in the charity event “H’Arts for the Homeless”.
I have been preparing some Jack the Bear illustrations I will be working on during the event and which will be auctioned at the end of the gala.

It will be a great, classy evening with many artists at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Check it out on Facebook and come see me there!

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Thanks to the kids and teachers at McBride Annex!

I received your thank-you-cards and -letters for the school visit the other day. They fill-up my entire table! I am very excited about all the great and creative drawings and friendly words.
Keep on drawing!


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Back to School 2

Today I added a new fun drawing sheet to celebrate the first few weeks of school to the website (Find it here!). I bet you like horses!

I hope to get invited to many great schools this year, so I can meet their awesome students, teachers and librarians!
I am especially excited about my new tailored costumes and can’t wait to dress-up students – and teachers! Do you recognize this feathered friend?

If you’d like to find out more about the presentations I am offering to schools and preschools, to book me for a visit at your school or in case you know someone who might be interested in doing so, please have a look at my info sheet here or send me a message!

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A few new sketches of my Kitsilano

I always carry something to draw or write or make lists. I love to sit on the patio of my favourite coffee shop – a medium latte at my side – or elsewhere nice, sorting my thoughts while doodling.
It’s said that Vanouverites are not very talkative, nor open to strangers. Let me tell you that this is a lie! I have met so many people, talking to me over my sketch book. My drawings seem to be a great conversation starter topic – an even better one than the weather. So if you want to meet new people, consider to start sketching in public!